Beautiful Moments With the Fans

The Score Line Against Loudoun United was Impressive. The Post Match was Special

This is not a long article. It’s just kinda sharing my thoughts. After the 6-1 win over Loudoun United, there were so many beautiful moments. We saw kids on the pitch scoring goals:

Fan favorites talking to the supporters and giving high-fives and fist bumps

A first time goal scorer chatting with fans

A community hero taking pictures with fans who absolutely adore him

And a sixteen year old becoming the idol of kids less than 10 years younger than him.

Go ahead and take the time and scroll through Instagram and Twitter. It’s full of children with their favorite players. You see parents talking to other parents, who also happen to be professional athletes.

To the Front Office: PLEASE allow on-the-pitch meet and greets more. If fans have to stay in a certain area, that’s fine, but last night after the match is how we build this community.

To the Players: Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to say ‘thank you’ to the supporters and talk to every child that came up to you. It may seem like a moment to you, but it’s something that those kids will always remember.

Thank You.

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