Who Are the Elyton Ultras?

Elyton Ultras Logo

On January 31st, the Elyton Ultras announced to the Twitter World that they were the brand new Supporters Group (SG) for Birmingham Legion FC. Below it is a statement written by the Elyton Ultras on their goals, ideas, and why they were formed:

Yesterday, we announced the formation of the Elyton Ultras, a second supporters group in the Magic City, and the first created specifically for Birmingham Legion FC. As was stated, it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction or overnight decision. This is something that had been building in the corners of Legion support over the course of last season and finally had all the pieces come together during this offseason. There’s no need to go into details of conversations and discussions that led to the Elyton Ultra’s formation, but this group is by no means an attempt to replace or overthrow any other group. We want to be able to support Legion in a way that wasn’t widely and routinely offered or embraced, and the best avenue to achieve that was through a new group.

            So what exactly do the Elyton Ultras want to do and look like? Well, we want to be loud and present at every minute of every match. Even after just two days of public existence, we have had multiple people approach the group saying how they have avoided supporting Legion because the atmosphere was too tame and too chill. We are ready to chant the entire match, not just for periods at a time, but a continuous roar and flow of words and beats that powers our club to victory and makes Protective Stadium a place opposing teams want to avoid. We want flags and scarves in the air, not slamming bleachers and resting on shoulders. We hope people feel invited to join in and learn new chants, and keep them going, rather than being timid or shy to let loose. Simply put, we’re not going to be in the North End just to watch a match. That’s what the YouTube TV recording is for. We’re coming to work, to lose our voices, to make a scene worthy of a soccer match where the priority is to bring the atmosphere, to be part of the entertainment, and not to be simply entertained.

            Along with all of what was stated above, this is going to be what you’ve come to expect from a Legion supporters group. There will be memberships, scarves, tailgates, outside activities to get to know your fellow supporters better and outside the framework of a matchday. There will be fundraisers and service to our community offered, as well as stances taken that are for the benefit of the City of Birmingham in hopes of helping it to reach its full potential. “99 Neighborhoods, Supporting as 1” isn’t just a catchy phrase that looks good on a scarf. It’s the belief system and driving force of the Elyton Ultras as we work to bring people from all over the city to Legion FC matches, whether it’s a couple a year or bringing along new season ticket holders. Soccer is a game that is meant for everyone and needs to be accessible to everyone, which makes us excited about the new ticket prices for supporters at Protective Stadium.

            As we said in our unveiling statement, we know not all supporters are the same and that it’s ok that everyone supports how they’re comfortable. Even with that said, we hope those who have never felt compelled to jump in a supporters section walk over to Sections 135-138 and give us a try. You don’t have to be in the front couple of rows with those who are going to be jumping and screaming the entire match. Just come stand 10 or 15 rows deep and grab a chant sheet to lend your voice to the cause. Swing your scarf over your head or grab a flag to rip through the air during a rendition of Push It or Sing for Bham (It’s an easy one, you’ll learn it quick). Even join us at a pregame tailgate or on our social channels to ask questions and get to know us, because we definitely know there are questions, but we want to answer them and clear the air for any misconceptions. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, search for Elyton Ultras and you’ll find us there.

We’re excited for another season of Legion FC soccer and anxious to see what this group is able to do to build on the last three year’s success. We hope to see you February 20th before, during, or after the match and hope you’re ready for what we’re willing to bring to a Legion FC matchday.

Hammer Down!

-Elyton Ultras

Down below is a statement that was released by the Elyton Ultras on their official Twitter account.

We are all so excited to see the 3 Sparks in person again on February 20th against Atlanta United! Hope to see you there in full voice!

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