Why You Should Go to an FC Birmingham Match

FC Birmingham has everything you would want from your “lower league” local club

I know, this is a different kind of article. I am normally the “Legion Guy” but I genuinely love this FC Birmingham team, unfortunately I’ve had finals and work during the matches, so I cannot go out as much as I would like. That said, as my schedule opens up, I will be in attendance for the end of season.

Here’s something that is so important, YOU CAN SUPPORT BOTH LEGION AND FC BIRMINGHAM. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE. I do both. I love wearing my yellow FCB Shirt around Tuscaloosa. I promise you can support both.

So, why should you go to an FC Birmingham match? It goes beyond #SupportLocal, it is quality footy with fun players and a real organic feel.


Early on in this Georgia Premiere Division, FCB sits in 5th place with a record of 4-1-3. Year One in this new division, that’s so impressive. Limeno Georgia, Kalonji-Pro Profile, and Atlanta United Academy have been three of the best teams in ALL of the UPSL. In a league with 253 teams involved, those three have stood out to be the cream of the crop and FC Birmingham has truly gone toe-to-toe with those clubs. This is a team that could make a real run at something magical come end of season.

Real Talent

There are players on this team who are currently at universities, some who are looking to make a real impact on the college game, and even a goal keeper who has come from France to help raise the game here in Alabama. The quality of striker that of Chance Bourdene and the two INCREDIBLE keepers that are Ozoaru and Curry, there are players scattered all over that WILL become professionals.


Only once have FC Birmingham been shutout this season, that being the season opener against Atlanta United. Since then, FC Birmingham has been ruining the day of opposing netminders, most recently that being a 3-1 thrashing of Rovers FC. The 3-3-2-2 is an incredibly fun formation to watch, especially if you compare it to Legion FC. Legion love to play wide and use that space while FC Birmingham packs it in, overloads to the middle, and scores through brute force. It is an incredible watch.


Much of the criticisms of Legion’s move to Protective is how large the stadium is. Lawson Field is sizable but there is that feeling of intimacy between fans, coaches, and players. While the crowd is not massive, every voice is heard and felt. Just imagine if we can go out and really bring a buzz to this team. I say let’s have a Hammering Down watch party sometime soon. What do you say?

Cheaper Food and Tickets

$5 tickets and cheaper food from a food truck. How does that sound? Can’t complain about that. You go on in, you enjoy your time, and you can leave at an affordable cost. Oh, and free parking. Seriously, there’s no reason to ignore it. Worst come to worse, you hate it and you’re down $5, but I can promise that you’ll love what you experience.


UWS is United Women’s Soccer, which is one of the most influential leagues in all of the United States. If you want to learn more about it, check out UWS Weekly, the new show that I have joined! I really enjoy what I have seen out of this UWS team early. When I was in attendance for the tryouts, the talent was shockingly good. The keepers? Incredible. The strikers? Natural. The defenders? Wonderful. The coaching staff? World class. Seriously, if you want to help grow women’s soccer, this team will absolutely do that.

So, Why Should I Go?

Between the men and women’s side, there is real local talent all over the pitch. While this may not be a professional side, this is about as professional as they come. If you are missing the smaller venues, the free scoring offense, and the “lower league” experience, FC Birmingham nails it.

This upcoming Sunday, May 22nd, FC Birmingham takes on the Atlanta Elephants who are currently sitting comfortably at the bottom of the Georgia Premiere Division. If you want to see FCB tee-off against a poor Elephants side, then go out this Sunday!

I would love to orchestrate a Hammering Down outing. How about Sunday, June 5th v 2nd best team in the division, Kalonji-Pro Profile. No Legion match, 5th v 2nd, and final home match of the season. Let’s sell this thing out!

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