Legion Predictions by YOU, the Fans

And My Thoughts, Too…

So, let’s talk about predictions. There are always going to be hot takes, I would know. I am the king of them! And you know what? There are A LOT of hot takes for the Team MVP, but we’ll get there.

I asked you guys to fill out a Google Form that asked questions like how many matches you’re planning to attend, average attendance in Protective Stadium, happiness with the squad, our chances to win it all, and of course who the Team MVP would be. So let’s dive in.

Are You a Legion Fan?


Shoutout to the one Rowdies fan that filled out this form! (no, seriously. It was a random Rowdies fan)

Are You a Season Ticket Holder?


In case you were curious, the Rowdies fan is not a Season Ticket Holder. But this wasn’t shocking to me. Most people who follow my content are what most would consider the “hardcore fan”, aka, the fan who wants to hear nitty gritty details, and those people tend to have season tickets.

How Many Matches are You Planning to Attend?


I honestly want to know why the one Rowdies fan is coming to 3-5 matches, but hey, thanks for supporting the club! Okay, that was the last Rowdies fan joke, but it’s good to see that a large chunk of y’all are going to be attending 6+ matches this year! We need to at the matches!

What Will the Average Attendance be at Protective Stadium?


Okay, this is the first time I am a little worried. A solid chunk of fans think there will be LESS fans on AVERAGE at Protective Stadium than at PNC (formerly BBVA) Field. This is honestly worrying to me, but even the same amount of people think we’ll AVERAGE over 6,000 people. Don’t forget that season averages is the complete average.

I don’t doubt we’ll have matches with less than 2,000, and I’m very sure we’ll have matches with more than 8,000. I think we’ll fall into that 6,001-8,000 range, but we’ll see.

How Happy Are You With the Current Squad?

1 (HORRIBLE)0.0%
3 (It’s fine)17.9%
5 (There is not a single change I would make)10.7%

Honestly, I agree with most of y’all. I would love to add one more midfielder and one more center back, but other than that, I am very happy with this current squad.

How Confident Are You That Legion Makes the Playoffs?

1 (Not happening)0.0%
2 0.0%
3 (50/50 chance)17.9%
5 (LOCK IT IN)53.6%

17.9% of you guys are real pessimists. I get it. I don’t want to get too high and be let down, BUT this year feels like it’s a lock that we’re in to me. It’s hard for me to image us being the 8th best team in the USL Eastern Conference.

What Position Will the Legion Finish?


So, we agree that we’re safely in playoff positions? Good to know. I agree with most of you guys. I think we’re in the “second tier” of teams behind Louisville City and Tampa Bay BUT Louisville City just had a massive loss with their star striker Cameron Lancaster… So…. We’ll see…

Do Legion Have a Chance to Win the USL Cup?


I was very shocked by 32.1% of you guys don’t think Legion have a chance. Honestly, anybody in the Top 6 of the USL East has a chance to win the USL Cup. I’m assuming the majority of people who said no do not believe we’ll make it past the Eastern Conference Final, but if Legion FC can get past that point, we obviously have a chance to win it all.

Who Will Win Team MVP?

Because this was short answer, it’s really hard to get exact percentages, but Enzo Martinez, Jonny Dean, and Bruno Lapa are the CLEAR favorites. There are the occasional shout for Anderson Asiedu, but it’s clear that Enzo, Jonny, and Bruno are the favorites.

I want to give a little shout to Phanuel Kavita who was the team voted MVP last year, and that should not go unnoticed.

Also, somebody said Admin Massimo Nuzzo. Can’t say I disagree.

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