Dean Has Been Announced!

Photo captured by Vasha Hunt (

Today, February 7th, Birmingham Legion FC finally #AnnouncedDean. The Right Back is considered to be one of the best full backs in the United Soccer League. Many, including myself, were convinced he would get a spot in Major League Soccer. While there were rumors that Dean was on trial with MLS side Nashville SC, there was never any fire to accompany that smoke.

A friend of mine John Morrissey said in his predictions that the Legion were his fifth best team in the USL East, but with the re-signing of Dean puts the Legion in the Top 5 in the LEAGUE. It is hard to explain the impact of Jonny Dean, but everybody in the USL knows it.

Graphic Made by @USLTactics

In Heaps We Trust

I mentioned in a previous article that we needed to trust in Jay, Tommy, and company to get the job done.

“Re-signing Jonny was a priority for us as he has become a key part of our core group over the past two seasons,” said Jay Heaps, Legion FC President & General Manager. “He has great quality defensively and offensively, and he also brings a high-energy level into the locker room while setting a great example on and off the field.”

Jay Heaps, Jonny Dean Inks New Deal to Rejoin Legion FC

It is obvious to everybody that Jonny means everything to us fans and even his teammates. If you look at the AWESOME announcement post Legion posted for Jonny, it is clear that his teammates enjoy him and like being around him. Beyond being a major piece for the 3 Sparks, he’s a “glue guy” as well, which is absolutely invaluable.

Also… Let’s get more GoPro content. This absolutely awesome stuff.

Legion Announcement Post

We’re closing in on a legendary season for Legion FC, and Jonny Dean will be a huge part of it. I cannot wait to finally see him in action on February 20th, as the Legion take on Atlanta United!

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